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ON POINT GROUP, INC. was founded by C.L. Morrow who is our Chief . He is a former Police Detective and Police Commander who has 25 years of experience in leadership,  investigations and training. Morrow was assigned to the Elite Criminal investigations Division. During his time as a Police Detective, Morrow managed a variety of cases that ranged from white collar crimes, child abuse, and sexual assaults investigations. 

Morrow obtained his formal education at Suffolk College. He began working as a Police Officer in 1989.  In addition to his formal education, Morrow has received years of in depth training  ranging from the police academy, advanced firearm and incident command training. Listed below is a partial list of training and education that Chief C.L. Morrow has received.

Graduated from the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission certified Police Academy in the top 10% (52 Recruits) 
Graduated from - Community Oriented Policing School
Graduated from - Criminal Investigations School
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (Schools/ Training/ Classes SPONSORED BY) ▪ Federal Bureau of InvestigationsHomicide Investigations ▪US MarshalsSurveillance School▪ Metropolitan Police Department DC Code ▪Maryland State PoliceScientific Content Analysis (SCAN) School ▪ Baltimore City PoliceChild Abuse Investigation▪ New Jersey State Police Active Shooter Course ▪University of Maryland PoliceIncident Command Training ▪ Reid Interview School Interview and Interrogation School▪ Int’l Assoc. of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators Campus Policing Training ▪Consortium of Universities Law Enforcement Supervisors Class ▪ Howard County Fire and Rescue Certified Crowd Manager ▪ Suffolk County Fire and Rescue Firefighter I ▪ Suffolk College | Emergency Medical Technician 


The ON POINT GROUP was formed in 1998 by Executive Consultant C.L. Morrow.

The ON POINT GROUP is dedicated to providing mission critical services to the government within the United States, and corporations and Non-Government Organizations (NGO's) throughout the world.

The ON POINT GROUP was founded to respond to the ever increasing global demand for dynamic, diverse and flexible security and training professionals, capable of combating the
myriad of threats facing the world today. With over 25 years of military, police and elite private security, we draw upon our global network of professionals to provide custom teams for every situation.

The ON POINT GROUP provides an extensive range of services, at home and abroad featuring:
• Training and consultation for police forces, private security forces and foreign
government military
• Protection of Assets
• Armed and Unarmed Executive Security
• Curriculum Development
• Intelligence Activities
• Facility and compound security in addition to high risk tactical training

We maintain global partners that complement our extensive in-house executive security and
training expertise. Our program management skills provide valued clients with specialized
consulting and personnel. World-class professionals, with real-world skill sets stand ready to
take on security and training issues and its dynamics between business, politics, government, and the media.

The ON POINT GROUP is based in Columbia, Maryland and has locations throughout Maryland and the USA.

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